Creepy Crawlies….coming soon to an apartment block near you.


I hate anything that crawls, I’m a bit finicky about stuff like that.  Coming face to face with a hand sized tarantula which had been roaming around our villa apartment at night whilst holidaying in Cyprus ten years ago didn’t help my cause, either.  Especially when the thing reared up and hissed at me and the drunken berks I was with who tried to tackle it with a coat hanger, plastic mixing bowl and a rolled up copy of FHM.      As our climate changes, we’ve seen insects, beetles and other manner of squirming winged beasts with antennas manage to migrate to countries which are now warm enough for them to make homes.  Sweden has it’s fair share of these invading beasts, I’m sorry to say. 

It’s this premise that’s behind the short tale Crawlers that I’ve recently completed.    Crawlers is a pulpy mix of Cronenberg like imagery meets the Twilight Zone and it’s my hope that it can wriggle it’s way into a suitable anthology of some kind in the near future.  

For now, here’s the blurb….

“Danny Henderson is a shut in.  Plagued by agoraphobia and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, his world is limited to the crumby apartment inside the run down inner city building he lives in.   When an infestation of odd looking cockroaches threatens to overrun his apartment, it triggers a set of strange events that leaves a trail to the building basement.   A basement that shouldn’t even be there anymore”

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