Autumn Update

The end of this summer saw a crazy few months and the swell of another overseas move finally pass, leaving me more time to finally turn my attention back to writing.

I’m continuing with revisions to my novella The Locked Room and have also begun working on another short story collection book which has the working title “Dysfunctional“. It will be a selection of horror, weird and a few sci-fi tales, one of which I intend to showcase for free via a downloadable link or free PDF for Kindle and Digital E-readers. This tale is titled Unconditional Love and is my first attempt at the sci-fi genre

I’ve been obsessed with AI, Robots and the impact of the technology on humankind lately, which beckons – and perhaps a lot sooner than we might think. Unconditional Love is my tribute to that and imagining a near future world dealing with climate change implications, socio-economic collapse in an increasing automated technological environment and how the introduction of synthetic humanoids would impact upon that.

I’ve also started drawing and sketching again after almost a year off. I will post some of my sketches here as they reach completion and those that follow my Instagram can see them there too.

That’s it for now. Thanks for stopping by my blog- and as ever, thanks to those reading and supporting my work.


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