Update on forthcoming works

It’s been a long time since I checked in and updated my blog and that’s been for a number of reasons, but I can now offer some news on my upcoming works, particularly the release of my novella The Locked Room, which has been long in production.

The final cut of the novella is now complete and, as those who follow my work will know, will be the first release under my own publishing label Strange Days Press, which I founded last year.  Strange Days Press has it’s own website and details will be released via the site of the release date for The Locked Room, along with pricing and ordering information as soon as I know more.  But I’m aiming for the 8th November 2017 as the official release date.


I will, in the coming months, be working with the artist commissioned for the cover and formatting processes and there will be a Limited Edition hardback version of the book, along with paperback and kindle versions.

I am steadily working on a number of other projects right now, including a number of short stories, one of which I have set out in the Swedish countryside of Tångeråsa, where my wife is from.  It has the working title “Ferox Aper”  (Wild Boar in Latin) and I hope will offer something a little different and a nice mix of black comedy, a few scares and some sideways analogies of a silly Englishman from the city who finds himself caught up in the event of a mythical giant Hog on the loose in the Swedish wilds!


That’s it for now and I’ll post more details here in the coming months as The Locked Room gets closer to it’s publication schedule.

A big thanks to those reading, following and supporting my work, it’s truly appreciated.

Have a great summer






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