The Locked Room and other things


Since just before the Christmas break, I began working on a new novella which I have had plotted out for quite some time.  With the working title The Locked Room I hope to have it finished by late summer and ready to go to market by the end of the year both as paperback and kindle editions.  There will be a limited number of signed copies also.

The Locked Room is without question the most ambitious piece of work I’ve attempted thus far and it’s certainly proving to be a testing challenge.

Additionally, I have to be a little coy right now, but I hope to have some other news within the next few months regarding my work.  Something I feel quite excited about.

Finally, I have decided to step back from being so active on social media and limit my posts to mainly promote my writing and that of some of my peers with recommendations and reviews.  In short, I felt I needed to step back from the distracting and often irritating white noise of social media.  I trimmed a number of connections on Facebook and should you have found yourself “unfriended”, it’s certainly nothing personal.  If you are interested in still following my work, please do add me again and I’ll be only too happy to connect with you.  I truly value the interest and support.

That’s it for now, but I’ll post more in the near future on The Locked Room and other projects I have in the mix.

Best wishes for 2016 from me.






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