It’s been many months since I finished writing Urban Chiller and I was delighted to finally see the book come to life yesterday and go Live at the Amazon Store for Kindle.  The Paperback version is in the pipeline for release next month.  

Urban Chiller represents a little bit of a watershed moment as it wraps up all of my earlier short fiction that I wanted to present in it’s uncut and re-edited format.   Many of the tales have previously appeared in various anthologies, however with length constraints and so on, some of the original material was cut.    Therefore, it was great to revisit the tales and restore them.

I began this project about nine months ago, and it’s been hard.   But also challenging and rewarding and I did feel rather proud to see the book go Live yesterday.   There are of course others who have also put in work behind the scenes to make Urban Chiller possible.  

First of all, Tracey F Poist, my editor who I think did an excellent job of constructively managing me and pushing me to be brave with the book.   To Steve Upham for giving me fantastic cover art and assistance with the creation of the Print version, and to Tonia Brown for formatting duties.

Thanks to Adam Nevill for critique and advice, to David Moody and also Gary McMahon, for inspiring another Sunderland lad to believe in himself.

Last of all, thank you to all those who read and support my work.  It means a lot.  More than you all know.   


Urban Chiller is now available at the following link below.




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