Crawlers -Free Short Story


I’ve decided to repost this as I will shortly remove this story as available for free.  During this ghastly pandemic lockdown, if you’re looking for a short read and would like to sample my work, you can get Crawlers either via the Wattpad App, which is totally free to download for mobile devices, tablets/e-readers from the Google Play or Apple Store or you can simply take the story as a PDF, which is included in the link below.

Crawlers was initially accepted for an Anthology which was sadly cancelled due to the publisher closing down.  It will appear again in the line-up of a new short story collection I am currently working on.

0_Mum-living-on-10th-floor-of-tower-block-labels-it-hell-hole-and-worst-council-flat-in-Birmingham (2)I imagined Crawlers in the spirit of an episode of the The Twilight Zone, which along with The Outer Limits, was one of my favourite series, as a kid.  

I actually first got the idea for the story after I came across this picture of a run-down, grubby looking social housing high-rise block of flats I saw online in UK.  As I have a pre-occupation with horror in every-day urban settings, I began to think of what might be lurking in those lost, forgotten sub-basements of these buildings, the ones with rooms full of rusty old pipes that smell of damp and sulphur.  The rooms nobody goes to.

So feel free to help yourself to this story.  It’s free.

Stay safe and well in these strange times, folks.


Copy of Crawlers (1)





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