Its my Party…I’ll cry if I want to.

Apart from a day job that is sucking my brains out through my nostrils on a daily basis, progress with The Locked Room is going reasonably well.

Although this week has been a little slower, the first draft of the novella is currently just under half-way complete. It may sound a little pretentious to be quoting milestones, etc but it helps motivate me and reminds me exactly where I am now, as opposed to where I was six months ago. Six months ago, I was ready to quit writing and put myself out to grass.

So, as the title of the post suggests, it’s my blog and I’ll moan if I want to!

The Locked Room is a massive challenge and I thank everyone who is willing me on to complete it. I really hope I can deliver.

I’m delighted to confirm I’ll be working with Tracey F Poist again who has agreed in principal to undertake editing duties for the novella and although I can’t say too much right now, I’m also in talks with an artist for the front cover, who has taken my eye with her portfolio.  It would be great to get her on board with this project.

I’ve also been making an active effort to read more books too . Lately, I’ve read a few corkers.  I’ll review one or two of these as soon as I get the time.

That’s it for now, and thanks for stopping by my blog to read this.




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