There must be something in the water….

I’m delighted RR_Gal8to say that my novella Rainfall is nearing the finish line.  I began this project in 2012 and for various reasons, it got shelved and proceeded to hang in a kind of development hell.   But after some tender loving care and revisions, it began to breathe again.

Rainfall represents the type of novella I’ve wanted to write since I started writing seriously and hangs somewhere between 28 Days Later meets The Crazies.  It’s without question the most pulpy and brutal thing I’ve ever penned, but I’m finally happy with it.

I’m going to begin the editing process soon and hope to have the finished cut available in a few months.   I still don’t know what route I will take for publication of Rainfall.   I plan on submitting it to a few publishers for consideration.  We’ll see after that.   For now, here’s the blurb.

“When three weeks of constant torrential rain hits the UK, chaos ensues as emergency services are stretched to breaking point.  The rule of law begins to crumble as looting, rioting and crime spreads throughout the country like wildfire.

The whole country breathes a sigh of relief when the rains finally relent and and the flood waters begin to recede.

But the rains were just the beginning.  For within their dark dirty drops lies the birth of something else.   Something terrifying”



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