Sneak Preview of my new upcoming novella “Rainfall”

I have had two novellas in development for quite some time.  One of which is Rainfall. I began Rainfall in 2012 and shelved the project to work on other material.    But recently, I have begun putting the finishing touches to the final draft and I’m pleased to say it’s nearing the finish line   Rainfall in many ways represents the novella I have really wanted to write since I began writing.   I have no release dates, yet and haven’t even approached any publishers.  But for now, here’s the blurb….


“When three weeks of constant torrential rain hits the UK, chaos ensues as emergency services are stretched to breaking point.  The rule of law begins to crumble as looting, rioting and crime spreads throughout the country like wildfire.

The whole country breathes a sigh of relief when the rains finally relent and and the flood waters begin to recede.

But the rains were just the beginning.  For within their dark dirty drops lies the birth of something else.   Something terrifying”

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