Small Steps


It’s been a while since I’ve posted here and that’s because I haven’t had a great deal to say.    Slowly and steadily, I’m working on new material, including my novel Dark Places and a host of other short material which I have in the pipeline for release this year.   I have completed a number of short stories and feel rather pleased with Crawlers and Kiss and Tell, the latter representing the first non horror tale I’ve written for a long time.    Ok, ok,  there is a horror element to it, but it’s a marked contrast to the stuff I normally write and I had enormous fun with this story.  I’ll post more on release date schedules nearer the time.  

I’ve also been beavering away at the PR machine lately and been interviewed by the mighty Jim McLeod at Ginger Nuts of Horror.  You can catch the interview at the link below or find it in the “Interviews” section of my blog, if you are so inclined. I also got a guest spot over at the King of Apocalyptic fiction David Moody’s site, to talk about the movie ALIEN. Many thanks to David for having me.    A big thanks to Jim McLeod too for having me over to waffle on about the things I love.

I’ve also been delighted with the reception my short story collection book Urban Chiller has received and sales have been steady and encouraging.    Thank you to everyone reading, buying and supporting my work.  The Trade paperback version of Urban Chiller will be available very soon.    More to follow.

I’ll also be appearing at FantasyCon this year at York on September 6th.  I’ll be there Saturday for most of the day and shuffling about, so feel free to come over and say hi and have a chat.   

That’s it for now, folks.  Have a lovely summer.  



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